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Heavey Duty Lathe

Heavey Duty Lathe

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Weiss Big Lathe WM 1000x2000
Shipping direct to factory in China. Regular time of delivery 45 days after confrim pay. Warranty..
WL 1000E/1600E
 Model No.  WL1000E WL1250E WL1400E ..
WL 1260S/2060S
 Model No.  WL1260S WL1240S WL1660S ..
WL 1280T/2080T
    Model No.  WL1280T WL1480T WL168..
WL 630/1200
 Model No.  WL630 WL800 WL1000 W..
 Model No.  WL1600D WL1800D WL2000D ..
WM 630F/1450F
 Model No.  WM630F WM800F W950F ..
WM 800C/850D/1000D/1000B
 Model No.  WM800C WM1000C WM1200C ..
WM1000x3000 Weiss Machinery Big Lathe Spindle Bore 105mm
Weiss WM1000x3000 Heavy Duty Big Lathe Available Imperial system. Nee more information or specifi..