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Weiss Automatic Surface Grinder SG 40100AHD Working 406x1020mm

Weiss Automatic Surface Grinder SG 40100AHD Working 406x1020mm

Weiss Automatic Surface Grinder SG 40100AHD Working 406x1020mm
Price: $28,870.00

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Weiss Automatic Surface Grinder SG 40100AHD Working 406x1020mm 



  • 406x1020mm working capacity
  • 3-axis automatic movement with incremental downfeed, electronic auto-crossfeed, and hydraulic powered table movement
  • Precision hand scrapped turcite V and flat table ways and double V column ways for smooth and long lasting precision
  • High column design with spindle center to table for extra clearance under the wheel and rapid elevation motor for quick/easy positioning
  • Centralized automatic one-shot lubrication system provides lubrication to all points
  • Safety 24V control circuit power

Sale condition machine manufacture by order lead time 90-120 days before shipping to customers. When you buy machine and pay factory

received your order and start process assembly machine, all time status progress received by email. When machine is ready to shipping received email notify you order ready and verification your address and coatact information. Only for customer in U.S. Price included taxes and all cost delivery in your door. Customer out side U.S. Price in this site is only to port of country destination and need pay taxes and local carrier for delivery.

Warranty machine 3 years only for defective manufactura parts Weiss Machinery.

Electric parts and motor only have 1 year warranty in normal use. Please see warranty policy.


Standard Accessories:
Electro magnetic chuck
Coolant tank 
Demagnetic equipment
Wheel cover guard
Leveling wedge and foundation bolt
Balance arbor
Wheel dresser base
Wheel flange and wheel
Tool box and tools
 Model No.



 Item No.
 Table size (mm)
406 x 813 mm
406 x 1020 mm
 Max. longitudinal travel (mm)
910 mm
1130 mm
 Max. cross travel (mm)
450 mm
450 mm
 Max. dis. from spindle to table (mm)
580 mm
580 mm
 Electro magnetic chuck size(mm)
400 x 800 mm
400 x 1000 mm
 Table longitudinal feed speed
7-23 m/min.
 Table tansverse
 Auto feed
0.1 - 8 mm/min.
 Rapid speed
990 m/min.
 Feed of electro handwheel
0.02 mm/div.
 Head vetical
 Auto feed
0.005/0.01/0.02/0.03/0.04/0.05 mm (only for AHD)
 Rapid feed
460 mm/min. (only for AHD)
 Feed of handwheel
0.005 mm/div.
 Grinding wheel
1450 rpm
 Size (ODxWxID)
350 x 40 x 127 mm
 Spindle Motor (kw)
5.5 kw
 Hydranlic motor (kw)
2.2 kw
 Cooling pump motor (kw)
0.125 kw
 Elevating motor (kw)
--- (AH mode) 0.25 (AHR mode) 0.5 (AHD mode,servo motor)
 Cross feed motor (kw)
0.04 kw
 Max. loading of table ( include chuck) (kg)
500 kg
600 kg
 Total rated power (kw)
9 kw
 Height of machine (mm)
1890 mm
 Floor space (mm)
3600 x 2400 mm
4400 x 2400 mm
 Gross weight (kg)
3500 kg
4000 kg
 Package dimensions (mm)
2850x2270x2180 mm
2950x2270x2210 mm

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